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This project addresses the industrial exploitation of animals. I am deeply concerned about the insurmountable numbers of animals that are slaughtered on a daily basis. This project presents a disturbing view of animal torture and raises questions about the ambiguity of our humanism. This work highlights the paradoxical nature of the human-animal relationship: on one hand, humans enjoy the company of animals and even raise them as pets; on the other hand, in order to fulfill our physical needs, we mercilessly lead animals to their death, without giving them a second thought. I pose the question of man’s indifference towards this difficult issue. This project employs both video and 3-dimension media. The glass objects approximate cheerful animals toys, kitsch, ordinary and mass-produced. The figurines are associated with animation, movies, commercials, dolls and toys, which always portray animals colorfully and cheerfully. Nowadays, we encounter animal experientially; they are always smiling, happy, colorful and dressed nicely – in complete contrast to reality, where they suffer and are exploited, eaten and worn by man. I’ve created glass figurines that are colorful, happy, aesthetic and exempt from suffering; exactly as we’re used to seeing them. The screen broadcast documentary footage that has been animated, depicting the animals as cartoons, akin to the figurines. The transformation of the animals into toys is the central theme of this project.

Technique: Glassblowing, textile, mixed-media - video

Approximate size for each Glass Object: 60x60x60 cm

2009 - 2012


Nice to meat you!

Nice to meat you!

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