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There was a two significant stages in my professional career. The first, was a critical moment, the discovery of the hot glass workshop in the basement of Bezalel Academy. As a result my work found new meaning. The second stage resulted from the birth of my eldest daughter Michaela and is directly related to the instalation for whom it is named. My studio, the essence of my artistic aspirations, was completed before Michaela's birth after which I found that my priorities had radically changed. The transformation from an active artist to a mother totally changed my world. Three months later another change occurred as I began my graduate studies and through my passionate creative energy I returned to full time work in my studio. My return to the world of glass was accompanied by doubts and internal conflict due to giving over my daughter's care to others. In order to fill the void created by this daily separation, I began to sculpt Michaela, meticulously focusing on every organ and detail of her little body. This activity made me infinitely happy as it eased the separation of mother and daughter and inspired my artistic world. Motherhood gave the creative process a deeper dimension reflecting my love for hot glass sculpture. I wanted to preserve the experience of every stage of  Michaela's growth, to remember as much as possible and create a three dimensional album. Time became significant in the work, it's evolution, much like time, could not be stopped. After a year and a half it became clear that its proportions reflected parts completing the whole. The totality of the work is my subjective view of movement and pattern of play.

Technique: Glassblowing

Dimensions: 40x45x60/70 cm each



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